Design / Construction

Is a single entity that complete all steps of the design and construction process, from start to finish. From the drawings to construction clean-up, MTRX is engaged closely to every process to ensure consistency and quality. Complication arising from miss communication between designer and builder, lack of accountability and compromised workmanship are nonexistent because everything is actualized by us.

 Under a fixed price contract and a detailed specification list of materials and specified schedules that defines all building components and appliances, we take all responsibilities, complete your house and turn you the key. Scheduled on- site meetings keep you briefed and current as your new building rises. Building a custom home is a complicated project that involves many steps and participants. 

It requires experience and knowledge to organize the process and avoid additional expenses. A combined design and construction experience of a professional custom home construction company like us provides you with the right planning and budgeting, no surprises and a positive, rewarding experience. Our experienced member will be applying for building permits to your local Committee of Adjustment. This will save you time and effort and will bring positive results from first attempt thanks to our experience and knowledge.